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Earring Stand| Earring Holder | Earring Organiser (Black Frame)

Earring Stand| Earring Holder | Earring Organiser (Black Frame)

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Earring Stand| Holder | Organiser (Black Frame)A simple way to store and find your earrings. You never have to sort through countless pairs, or run the risk of damaging them by keeping them all together again! Find them at a glance!

Our sturdy earring stand can hold many earrings depending on their size. (I have 34 pairs on mine in the last picture, but it can hold many more). Note Earrings on stand are for display purposes only.

Simply push them through the special foam anywhere on the stand. (Special foam can be used and reused constantly). 

Features: *Sturdy Timber - free-standing or can hang.

*Measurement 27cm X 27cm X 6cm

*Colour:  White frame with black insert

* High-Density Foam insert

*Can hold: stud, hoop and hook earrings

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Care Instructions of our 'Handmade' Earrings

Care Instructions for EARBLING EARRINGS
Resin is a solid, durable material that has great tensile strength. However, like all jewellery, it should be treated with care - resin can break and is easily scratched.

-Remove your jewellery before showering, swimming or putting on lotions or perfumes.

-Keep out of direct sunlight & avoid extreme heat (these tend to yellow your piece).

-Avoid sharp objects (these may scratch your piece).

-Avoid exposing to water as this may dull the piece ie: do not swim or wear in the shower.

If your acrylic piece dulls, try using a soft cloth with a small amount of cooking oil to shine the surface.

-Try to avoid dropping or banging your pieces and store them away from other pieces that may scratch or damage the surface. (We have a great earring storage stand for this).

-Your jewellery backings should be treated with care. Sometimes glue fails. If your backings come away from your resin piece, clean or sand (with a nail file) off any glue that remains and use a good quality, clear glue (buy it here) that is suitable for jewellery/acrylic, allowing at least 24hrs to dry properly before attempting to wear.

*All our Earblings are handmade pieces and, as such, most pieces are unique & 'one of a kind.' Due to the essence of being 'handmade', some pieces may have minor anomalies: small air bubbles, irregular or uneven surfaces, or slight imperfections. These are not 'faults' & do not affect the durability of the piece.

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