Oval Earblings


Ovals are the perfect classic shape and size to add a little bling to your look without being ostentatious. Ovals are available in medium (measure approx. 2.2cm in length and are 1.5cm wide) & small which measure approx. 1.6cm in length.

Ovals are handmade from acrylic resin, paint, mica powder & custom glitter mixes.

Some of our pieces are domed, while some remain undomed. (Prices may reflect this). Doming is the process whereby an extra layer of clear resin (we use UV ultra-clear) is used to top a piece that has already been set. It provides an ultra-glossy, domed finish to the piece.

Our findings & materials are sourced and bought within Australia to support homegrown businesses. Where possible, we use stainless steel hypoallergenic findings and soft rubber earring stoppers are included with every pair of the larger ovals only.

Please note, due to the nature and pouring of handmade resin earrings, there may be anomalies in a pair.