Self-Care For The Soul Foot & Body Soaks

Fancy a little Day Spa Action?

Perfect as a gift for that someone special. Or why not treat yourself!

Packaged in 3 separate test tubes, Lavender, Rose Petal and Calendula.

Treat yourself with all 3!

We have paired our magnesium flakes with not just any salt, but the purest salt on earth.

While our Himalayan Pink Salt has been mined from the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan, we have bought the product within Australia to support another Aussie business.

Himalayan Pink Salt boasts several health-giving benefits.  It can reduce muscle cramps by improving hydration and can prevent low blood pressure. 

With the addition of various essential oils, we have improved the efficacy of the traditional 'SOAK' to boost your wellness and enjoy that little bit of extra self-care!