Styling Statement Earrings #2

Styling Statement Earrings #2

Statement Earrings With Simple Outfits or a Day at the Races Outfit.

Statement earrings can make your outfit (and your features) stand out even more, with flashy and eye-catching designs that will warrant a second look. Keeping your outfit simple will help keep the focus on your statement earrings, with the outfit itself serving as more of an accent to the jewellery and your face. 

For example, a simple white dress can accent blue and silver statement earrings with a simple look that focuses on your accessories rather than the full outfit. Your smile and silver/blue earrings will be accepted by the neutral white of the dress, making for a bold and beautiful simplistic look that you can choose for several different occasions. 


If you're wearing a bold outfit, you might think that you should pair it with basic, simple jewellery to avoid an overwhelming appearance. While this is a great rule of thumb to keep in mind, it doesn't always apply.

Sometimes, experimenting with pairing a bold outfit with bold jewellery can turn out great. Other times, it can be a catastrophe. Just go for it, experiment with bold earrings and bold outfits, as they say, live a little. As long as the pieces are complementary so as to create an altogether look  to avoid a look that you have just quickly thrown together.

Mastering jewellery is something everyone can and should do.

The appropriate jewellery can enhance your appearance, highlight your features, and highlight your individual flair. This is why learning how to decorate your clothing is worthwhile.

You may assemble looks that draw attention every time you wear them. There is the ideal piece of jewellery to go with whatever occasion you are dressing for, regardless of the colours and designs. All you need to do is style it.

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 To style Jeans, white top and some cute shoes for example I would pair them with our Earrings | Rustic Long (click to shop)


Statement Earrings Styled with Jeans and White Top

To style a dressier outfit say for the races for example this Off white dress with blk/white hat, blk shoes and I have chosen 2 different pairs of dangle earrings  1. Earrings | Abstract Dangles - Grey  or 2. Earrings | Black Leopard Statement Dangles (Click Links to Shop)



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