Styling Statement Earrings #1

Styling Statement Earrings #1

Earrings are so important as part of your overall look and style, they complete an outfit and are just as important as shoes & bags. 

I read once that a 'styling expert' wrote, 'Unless your preferred style is to be a little cheap-looking, avoid bright plastics, clip-on- and overly-elaborate earrings'. 

My response to that would be, 'well how dull is that'. There is a time and a place for all sorts of earrings and my goodness there are many bright big bold and amazing earrings out there and they can certainly make an outfit complete. 

There are many creators out there that make amazing colourful earrings ranging in prices from $6 to over $100 dollars or more. 

Certainly if you want a refined, smart look with a work outfit or high tea with a queen then I would go with fine jewellery, of course.

If you are going to a night out, a party or the races then I would go all out on some statement earrings - big and bold to give the WOW factor to your outfit. 

Acrylic/Resin/Glitter/Clay Earrings are very popular and have been over the last couple of years and I think they have a place in 'Fashion Styling'. 

Just picture a beautiful white dress with for example these statement earrings how amazing the complete outfit would look and I am sure you would get many compliments. For example the earrings pictured below are Approx. 6cm drop x 2.5cm wide and you can pair it with white or a lavender shade of shoes and a bag to match, Stunning I would say. Earring photos of Lavender Dangles- Abstract Dangles - Grey
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(Sample white dress)

Statement Dangle Earrings with  Lavender, teal & white glitter.   Dangles Grey 


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